Brief Update

t seems that the Foundry was not a foundry, but a bloomery, which does not reach the same temperature. The product of a bloomery is not cast iron, but a bloom.

Site specs:

Main Manor House: 55m2 + 59m2 + 56m2 (not all usable) + 30m2 (not all usable) = 200m2
Sub-Manor House: 74m2 + 79m2 + 79 m2 (not all usable) = 232m2
Servants House: 83m2 + 86 m2 + 84m2 (not all usable) = 253m2
Mini Barn: 14m2
Total Large House: ca. 700m2

Smaller Building: interior 19m2 + exterior 20-30m2 = ca. 40-50m2
Church: ca. 60 m2.
Mill: ca. 20 m2.

There is 26.000 m2 of land, part of which may be used to grow something.

Most buildings seem to be structurally in good condition (thick stone walls don’t deteriorate much), but the floor plans will need to be changed significantly. Also, some wood is rotting, and the buildings do not yet have plumbing and electricity.

We hope work on the site will start in March, and we can make the site inhabitable (very basic: showers, toilets) in a month or two; there will be some other form of accommodation until then. There will be professionals working on the site, but not all work requires training. Get in touch if you want to come.

There is now also a Facebook group:

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