Getting to Bravos foundry

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On the whole, unless coming with your own motorised transport, it’s Viveiro that you want to get to 1st.
While galicia has 1 train operator, there are a few intercity bus/coach companies. Whichever public transport you might fancy using, please note:
Some routes do not mention Viveiro, despite going through and stopping at the town.
The train from Ferrol to Viveiro, doesn’t show up unless the website is asked about the train between Ferrol and Oviedo.

Trains from Coruña to Viveiro go about thrice a day. If you do not have an excellent connection or a passion for train travel, we are happy to pick you up from Coruña or Santiago airport by car.

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  1. * transport data to viveiro and bravos:

    buses from viveiro to bravos?
    Route 9, 12.20 from main bus station on mondays and thursdays.
    same days, from bravos to viveiro at 08.40 and 12.45
    (data from tourist info.)

    To viveiro?

    trains from ferrol to oviedo will stop. (note that the train web site does not give viveiro as an option)
    2 x a day, currently 08.30 and 15.30
    check for possible time changes

    buses from ferrol to viveiro:
    up to 2 hours and more expensive than train.

    Web site –

    * not sure re busses from that side.

    santiago to ferrol hourly except siesta period.

    from a corunia:
    bus :

    train – not sure as they seem to go to oviedo and bypass viveiro

    * I am wondering regarding the “about” section on the website. is there a slightly beefier text somewhere?

    * is there a timeline for beginning to do activities at the site, or are such questions still hanging?

    * until there’s electricity with a washing machine, is there a plausible case to check whether one of our neighbours could oblige with a shower and a wash for a few euros..?

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