Preparing the garden for the summer

Last year we started a vegetable garden at the foundry and in August a group of German students came to analyze the soil and to plan a structure for the space. The garden is in an area with a slight slope so the conclusion was to build terraces for the vegetable garden. The work was very good and we finished building one terrace last summer.

In the spring the main work will be to reshape the slope into as many terraces as we have manpower for. A greenhouse for germination and vegetation is planned. End of April beginning of May the weather gets significantly much warmer and planting outside in the soil can begin.

The work will start in the beginning of April and we are grateful for every pair of hands that come and help us move dirt and stone. All experience of farming, gardening, permaculture and the likes is welcomed in a spirit of collaboration.

We want to produce clean and sustainable food for our volunteers and guests for the summer 2019.

We have a small collection of seeds, received as a gift from Synergistic Farm in Finland and are looking for more interesting seeds. For next season we currently have the following seeds (all from Synergistic Farm):

Garlic seeds (mixed variety)
Radish: plum (spring radish)
Quinoa: chadmo
Melon: farthest north galia
Asia green mix: tatsoi, komatsuma, tendergreen, chirimen hakusai
Barley: Arabian blue
Pea: rokka
Pumpkins: candy roaster (Georgia)
Pumpkins: amazonka
Chili: Chinese five colors
Cucumber: early future
Cucumber: tendergreen burpless
Tomato: slava (Russian early)
Burdock: Japanese
Watermelon: sweet Siberian (Russian heirloom)

Come join our team in beautiful Galicia!

Awaiting eagerly the spring.
Love and light from Finland,

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