Brief update (3)

In May, we have:

-Made the big house rudimentarily inhabitable (about six rooms now have light and an electricity outlet, although the floor plan will change in the future).
-Isolated the floor in what was a kitchen and will be a library / working space.
-Cleaned up some walls (got rid of plaster to expose the stone).
-Started repairing the wood in one large room on the first floor.
-Made an outside kitchen, sink and hot shower.
-Worked on the garden.
-Gotten a bunch of matresses, washing machine, dishwasher.
-Navigated bureaucracies.
-Celebrated San Isidro with the local population.

Comfort and capacity are quickly increasing, though the focus is still on building and starting some sort of community rather than organizing events. Next construction push: July / August. Get in touch if you want to come; we can comfortably host about 10 people now, 15 if some share a room or sleep in the church (and of course way more if people sleep in tents).

Thanks to everyone who was there in May.