April 1-7, 2021: Forjar un Búho / Forging an Owl

Durante siglos, la Ferrería de Bravos ha sido un lugar donde se trabajaba el hierro. En abril, retomaremos esta tradición gracias a Pavel Yakushev, herrero de Os Ancares, que desde el día 1 hasta el 7 hará un experimento colectivo en la Ferrería. Enseñará los conceptos básicos de la forja a todos los interesados y dirigirá la creación colectiva de un búho de acero que será donado al concello de Ourol para colocar en un lugar público.

Si quieres participar, por favor escríbenos por Facebook o por correo electrónico a:

For centuries, Bravos Foundry has been a place where people worked with iron. In April, we will pick up this tradition again thanks to Pavel Yakushev, a blacksmith from Os Ancares, who will facilitate a collective experiment at the Foundry from the 1st until the 7th of April. He will teach the basic concepts of metal forging to whoever is interested, and direct the collective creation of a steel owl that will be donated to the concello of Ourol to put in a public space.

If you want to participate, please write us via Facebook or send an e-mail to


Everyone can create course proposals below, that will end up in a pool that functions as one of the starting points of our curriculum. Creating a proposal does not mean you have to organize or teach it (though you certainly can); you can also just propose something you believe should take place at the Foundry. If you create an account at openki, you can express interest in the proposals that you would like to see realized, which will help us decide what to organize.

Past events
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July 28, 2020: Pathfinder; a meditative audio experience by Yuri Tuma
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August 29, 2020: Open rehearsal of the Butoh (Japanese dance) group from A Coruña
October 11, 2020: Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for David Graeber