We will start doing events in the spring / summer of 2019. The maximum capacity of the site will be around 20 people. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch. At some point we should have a system on the website that allows the community to decide what should be organized, but that will take a bit longer.

Currently we are planning the following activities:

-April and May are building months: everyone who wants to help can stay for free, and food will be provided. From mid April, we will build a greenhouse and prepare our vegetable garden. In May, we will build a kitchen and prepare several bedrooms. Throughout the year construction will continue in a less intense way.
-From July 29 till August 2, Joshua Fineberg (composer), Michelle Lou (composer/performer/sound artist), Christian Smith (performer – percussion) and Jared Redmond (composer/performer – piano) will help lead a week-long exploration of new musical art as a collective activity. Structured discussions, “happenings”, and group creation will explore the way collaboration and action affect our modes of listening, possibilities for sonic creativity, and feelings of artistic ownership.
-In August we’ll do one or two weeks filled with more academic seminars and discussions. Hansun Hsiung has proposed leading a workshop titled “The Scientific Image: Epistemologies and Ontologies,” but other than that, the contents are still unclear, and suggestions are welcome. Part of the academic program can also be improvised with reading groups and discussions that are organized on the spot.
-Hilan Bensusan is preparing a cycle to explore the future of capital in the context of artificial intelligences, the saga of nihilism, the pitfalls of prometheism and the prospects for the commons. It will bring together artists, philosophers, activists and victims of the pace of capital to reflect on how the present is being shaped. The first event will probably take place in September.