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Burn the Foundry 2023

The second edition of “Burn the Foundry” will take place 20 till 23 of July 2023 in the magical rural Galicia, 10km away from the Atlantic coast.

The Foundry is a non-profit and self-organized space that matches beautifully with the 10 Burning Man principles. By bringing the Playa to this special place in the remote but stunningly beautiful Galicia, we want to bring together what belongs together and create a space free from consumerism that gives us the opportunity to deeply connect and share common ideas, impulses, talents and synergies of beauty and creativity. This burn is meant to be setting the foundry on fire by packing it with ideas, art installations, performances, workshops and lots of good music. Let’s all dive into the immediacy of a temporary community that celebrates love, self expression and this wonderful condition we call “life.”

The festival is free, except for the normal Foundry membership costs and lodging fees (see basic info). There is a limited amount of tickets available. Follow this link to join the fun🎉:

If you want to propose some activity or play music at the event, get in touch.

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