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The Foundry was an ironworks in the 15th century. Then there was a castle, which was destroyed by Napoleon’s armies in the early 19th century. Using the stones of the ruined castle, people built a manor house from which the surrounding farms were administered. Then, in the 1970s, everyone left.

Now, the Foundry is a non-profit space for artists, writers, artisans and other creators who seek to work outside of the institutional confines of market and university. Against the abstraction and commodification of creative and intellectual labor, the site stresses that critical thinking is a way of living rooted in engagements with one another and with the environment.

The Foundry occupies an ensemble of old buildings in a valley in rural Galicia at 10 kilometers from the Atlantic coast. The project was started in 2018, and we are currently renovating the houses, building a permaculture garden, and organizing the first events. This is a communal effort, and we welcome those interested to join us in Spain or to propose an event.