Self-organized residency project and event space

The Foundry

Who are we?

The Foundry was a fort and ironworks from the 15th century. Both were destroyed by Napoleon’s armies over two centuries ago. Recycling the stonework of the ruined castle, people built a manor house from which the surrounding farms were administered. Then, in the 1970s, everyone left.

Now, the Foundry is a non-profit residency with three aims:
1. to offer a space for people to work on their projects;
2. to host events organized by members;
3. to increase self-sufficiency and sustainability.
The Foundry is not a hotel or tourist destination, but a space of work outside of the institutional confines of market and government funding. The Foundry occupies a group of old buildings in a valley in rural Galicia at 10 kilometers from the Atlantic coast. Since 2018, we have renovated the buildings, grown a food forest and organized many events. We welcome those interested to join us.
The Foundry is a founding member of the Aldear network, a member of the Commoning Space Network, and the birthplace of FreeingSpace and Futuro Habitable.

"The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently."

David Graeber


Self-organized space for artists, creators, remote workers and those looking to develop their work outside of the market and academia.

person doing clay containers
person doing clay containers

Workshop for Adults

Yoga, meditation, tantra, forging, cooking, garden planting, music, reading groups, ceramics workshops

Workshops for Children

Ceramic workshops, forging, cooking, planting in the garden, music, painting...