Members of the Foundry and invited guests regularly organize public events at our space in Galicia. These can be workshops, reading groups, crafts days, film screenings and para-academic activities. Check the agenda to see what's going on or contact us to propose an activity.

Taller de Forja | Forging Workshop

por Victor Aguilar

Pasta workshop

por @mmmojar

Embroidery workshop

We will learn to prepare the paper and the basic stitches to design an embroidery with collage. Then we will finish it off to prepare our piece to be marked.


Hours: 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

white and red round textile
white and red round textile

por @sosias_

Ceramic workshop

Initiation to domestic pottery.

Throughout several workshops we will learn how to make cups, glasses, jugs, pots and other household utensils.

The objective is to learn the main modeling and decoration techniques.

Aimed at all ages.

The minimum contribution is 20 euros per person + contribution


person holding white ceramic bowl
person holding white ceramic bowl
a tent is set up in a grassy field

Encuentros de familias

This summer we are doing a summer camp at The Foundry for boys/girls and their parents.€20 members/€40 non-members

Available rooms:


Food not included: we will manage it together!