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Schedule territory event / horario evento territorio

Monday, 21-8.
18.00. Tour around the Foundry (bilingue).

Tuesday, 22-8.
16.00. Noortje Keurhorst: Exploring acts of commoning with the Brigadas Deseucaliptizadoras (English).
17.00. Sabrina Rosina: Planting Territories: A Lecture Workshop (English).
19.00. Kilian Jörg: Driving the Homogenocene (English).

Wednesday, 23-8.
11.00. Communal work on garden and house / Roga, trabajo comunal en finca y casa.
18.00. Guiris en Galicia; conversación sobre migración y el futuro de Galicia (Español).

Thursday, 24-8.
16.00. Polina and Victoriia, presentation of artworks, and Olena Volynska “Stolen Light.”
18.00. Ania, Rafa and Dennis: Presentation of the Sindicato de la Tierra (bilingue).
20.00. Conversation on commoning in Galicia (bilingue).

Friday, 25-8.
12.00. Peyton Chipman and Siddiq Chan, presentation of fermented local products.
16.00. Monique Besten, Walking the Questions (English).
18.00. Dennis Schep: Bloom; Iron and the Theft of Space and Time (English).
20.00. Film screening: Age of Iron, with the director Davoud Gerami.

Saturday, 26-8.
Day off (goodbye party of friends?).

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